Valuable Reference Books for Harmonica Collectors


Some are out of print, but keep your eyes open, because it will be worth your while. Many of them are written in German, and were bought in Germany, at Museums. These will augment any paperwork you find from makers, or "how to play" books.

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        100 Jahre Harmonica 1827-1927 Trossingen

This book was written in German, and has only a few pictures, but it has an interesting feature. a fold out map of Trossingen, which shows the expanse of Hohner at that time. Note: they say that the harmonica is 100 years old, and Mathias Hohner was born in 1830, 3 years after the invention.


         Harmonica Makers of Germany and Austria  

This is a new book that is in both German and English. It is a history of the trademarks of Hohner and many competitors. This book shows trademarks for identification, as well as, a short history of the many harmonica makers in Germany and Austria. This book is available at the Museum in Trossingen and through H.C.I.


            Das Harmonikamotiv in Kunst und Altag

This book was available at the "Harmonika Museum Trossingen". It is in German, but has some neat pictures. It has both harmonicas and accordions, but don't hold that against it. I think it is out of print.


            DerMusikwinkel und die Harmonika

This is a book that was available in Klingenthal at the "Music and Wintersport Museum". It encompasses the makers from the area known as Saxony or East Germany. it is written in German, but has maps, and pictures that are very interesting. ISBN# 3-931770-28-1


            Die Mundharmonika Ein Musikalischer Globetrotter

This book is also written in German, but you can make some inferences out, and has many neat pictures. This book speaks about makers as well as players and has an old Bohm poster on the cover.  ISBN#88747-110-5 48



            Die Geschichte der Branche in Bildem und Texten  "Harmonikas"

This book was written by the curator of the "Harmonika Museum Trossingen"- Martin Haffner. Eventhough it is in German, the many pictures and oddities make it a must have for collectors. It was purchased in Trossingen at the museum. I get a kick when I add a pictured harmonica to my collection.


            Harmonicas, Harps, and Heavy Breathers

This is an English book, that has a short history of the harmonica and biographies of harmonica players. This book is more interesting to harmonica players than to collectors, but is still full of information to read and learn. ISBN# 0-671-79633-X



            Der Bahnbrecher der Harmonika "Mattias Hohner"

This book is written in old German, and is a biography of Mattias Hohner. Only a few pictures, but a valuable keepsake.




               Made in Germany- Played in USA

This book is written in both German and English. It can help you learn some words meanings as well as having a nice history of the Harmonica. There are many pictures of harmonica related items and many facts that help in identification of new acquisitions.  This book was written by the curator of the "Harmonika Museum Trossingen"- Martin Haffner.


            A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket

This book is written in English by Ray Grieve and is the story of the harmonica in Australia. This book has the history of players and bands in Australia. The highlight for collectors are the last few pages that show drawings and lists of harmonicas that were unique in Australia (Boomerangs).



               Hundert Jahre "Hohner"

This is a Yearbook celebrating 100 years of making harmonicas at the Hohner factory. It is in German, and was given out to managers during 1957 meetings. this book has the most pictures of the Hohner family, and the factory. If you have a chance to buy this book, you should, because it is in short supply