H.C.I Mission Statement




Harmonica Collectors International (HCI) was created to support harmonica collectors and promote harmonica collecting. It is the mission of HCI to provide a forum for individual collectors to communicate with other members, as well as to gather and spread  the body of knowledge about harmonicas, their makers, trademarks, and how the instruments have evolved since their invention in the early nineteenth century.  It promotes collecting by publishing member-written articles that describe interesting and unique discoveries, as well as articles and reprints from other sources.  These articles are featured in HCI’s quarterly publication, The Trumpet Call.  HCI directly supports collectors by offering copies of old harmonica catalogs to its members either as inserts in The Trumpet Call or on request for only the cost to photocopy and ship the documents. HCI maintains contact with the largest harmonica makers and harmonica museums, primarily in Germany and Austria, to provide members with information and publications that would be otherwise unavailable.

As far as we're concerned, a collection is anything more than 2 harmonicas, so feel comfortable in joining, as HCI welcomes collectors, musicians, as well as harmonica enthusiasts.